Which one would you recommend for someone above average condition to just shred? Shaun T is howling his evil laugh as you enter his domain once more. Try to avoid the half-hour workouts unless you want to do them twice a day as I’ve yet to see one that will keep up with Asylum. The set is easy to look at and the cast is getting their cans kicked. Plus it’s a lot less fiddly than the T25 diet where you have to measure out everything exactly, not helped that I was on option B and my wife was option A so couldn’t even double the quantities. Thanks for your reviews. For any older person out there interested in IM30 –I am 63 years old. Cardio Challenge is simply moving your backside for a solid thirty, and feels like a compressed Asylum workout. Another workout you might want to review is Weider Ruthless. (I’ve completed 21 day fix, 21 df extreme, 22 minute hard corps, core de force, insanity, insanity max 30, and am now on to PiYo with Chalene). So off the top of my head I’m not sure I have an answer for you. Have you ever reviewed Chalene Extreme – more weight focused with some excellent cardio and weight combos or RevAbs by Brett Hoebbel? ). I guess there’s a reason Shaun T’s abs are registered under the Geneva Convention. . I need to lose 15-20 lbs, not necessarily gain muscle. will it kill me? We have a trip to Cancun, Mexico coming up in 1 month thanks to Beachbody Coaching, and I want to look my very best. To hybrid with Body Beast, go for Max 30. Still, it looks promising and Tony generally puts out exceptional programs. I’m a busy mom so I love that it’s only 30 minutes but a killer workout nevertheless. I look forward to your suggestion. Admittedly, Shaun is cardio heavy while Tony is more of a functional-fitness kind of guy. I’m buying this and making a hybrid with Body Beast, Asylum and maybe X2! Just be sure to record your workout times, this way you can see the improvements that you’ll make very quickly. I haven’t done Gamma as my upper body strength really sucks (still cant do pressups unaided) but I can handle Beta Speed 2.0 without dying and I like Shaun T. Soooo, is it this, Gamma or should I look at P90X3? I plan to continue this routine of basically working out 35 minute 6 days a week for 3 more weeks making it a total of 10 weeks. ), I have to admit I do cheat with T25: I press ‘pause’ often and 25 minutes sometimes stretches to 40!  It’s refreshing to see many of the cast “maxing out” with me very early. a) I’m going to lose my upper body definition. Does it have a decent warm up/cool down stretch? Going back to my question, have you read anywhere if this practice is good/safe? So along with running I’d like to add in one of these programs. I have multiple work out shoes but those are my favorite. Great reviews as always! What is Insanity Max: 30? Hi DP, I fear it may be too much of a jump up from the programs I’ve been doing. For loosing belly fat, try loosing all bread. Im not a huge fan of the tabata workouts. Something is very wrong in this universe when a workout makes Insanity look like a day off. Do you have any recommendations? I’m a big fan of your reviews, they are very helpful as I’m deciding what workout program to do next. Upper Elite. 22MHC hurt my lower back also – it’s my favorite program from Tony – a lot of his programs are a snooze fest because of how slow they are! 1 & Vol. Thank you for replying, Shaun T has evolved as a trainer. But comparing to Max:30 it is a lot slower start. Do you happen to have the Ab Maximizer discs (from the deluxe set / also sold separately)? Then I found a hybrid schedule for all 3 combined on Pinterest and did that for a month or two. Really appreciate it! It’s one of those things where if you have the money, go for it because I’m sure they’re great considering how Max 30 is such a good program. 1 talking about this. Reading your reviews I am afraid of month 2. My husband also wants to start a new exercise routine. I was able to confiscate an after photo of him (not my ideal, but yay nonetheless! The biggest differences between Insanity Max:30 and the other Insanity programs are the lengths of the routines (Insanity and Asylum are longer), and that you won’t need any equipment (like you do with Asylum). While not a cardio-based workout, your heart-rate will naturally hit the roof anyway. I had high hopes for that program and although I feel stronger, it hasn’t helped reduce my belly fat. Just did Max Out Cardio for the first time. I tried Cardio Challenge for the secend time and god I was awful. INSANITY Max 30 Results Before and After Thoughts and Tips. I'm not a huge cardio fan so I was a bit nervous about doing such an intense cardio workout. You could always go to Asylum Volume 2. Im sure I would enjoy the next 55 days. Have you experienced any wait loss or fat loss since starting max:30? Yes, as a rule Shaun T’s programs are harder on the knees, although T25 is not too bad. As gut wrenching as this is, it might be better if it allowed a couple rest spots. I guess my question is do you think X3 is the right program to maintain or put on a little mass and if not should i be doing some sort of Body Beast hybrid? Maher are your thoughts on 80 day obsession? Reebok currently is my fave and I can’t do Nike because they are just too narrow on my feet and the arch just doesn’t fit me. Rather hard to believe that Month One was designed to break us in considering how it borders on impossible levels of difficulty. I am a big shaun t fan. In Max 30 that is not going to happen! Now I’m doing Max 30/P90X3 hybrid, alternating week by week basis. Good choices for them. That alone should give you an idea of the intensity of this beast. If you’re already relatively fit then you might as well go for a more advanced workout. But Asylum does muscle workouts much more effectively due to the use of weights. Should I do Max30(abs maximizer) or Les Mills Combat(ultimate warrior hybrid). TL;DR: I do home workouts for convenience/quality, and don’t want to skimp on my work on quality. Can you turn off the music in every DVD? I have a question, reading the posts and blogs here and on Teambeachbody, it seems as though people go from one extreme workout program to another without giving their body any real recovery period. I’m stuck on which one would be better overall for my conditioning to enhance my endurance & speed overall. in 54 days with INSANITY MAX:30. =). I was thinking of repeating Max 30 month two again. The problem is that I don’t have a huge set of dumbbells. Best, Does this program sound good? Review should be up in less than a couple weeks. Well, if you have poor physical condition, yet are able to accomplish the programs you mentioned, it would be feasible you could modify your way through Max 30 until you build up the stamina. I am doing an hybrid I found online of MAX 30 and Bodybeast and I think it is a great combo.. Soo funny! This is the review I’m going to give my friends when they want to know what I’m doing. What exercise DVD would you recommend for us. Let me pause to mention one thing: heart-rate monitors. Thanks for an awesome review again. Try a week and see how it feels then evaluate from there. If you want to get big muscle, I would suggest finding time to do some harder weight training. With Insanity, my knees had a hard time going past 30 days. Let us see if I’ll be able to do a nice max 30 after that. Thanks. Great review! ORR???  So allow the DP to guide you through the minefield of Beachbody Coach clones, and give you the straight goods. Can you (or anyone else) kindly advice which one I should go on with? Thanks very much for your speedy reply. Done! I adore your reviews and i have turned to them many times. That said, I was covered in sweat, so much so, that I needed a bigger towel. Why?  What disappointed me about PiYO was how utterly dull and unmotivating the soundtrack was. Most women that do Insanity say it is the hardest workout they have ever done. For dramatic size changes you need to hit the iron hard. The Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a disgruntled Systems Analyst who wanders the Canadian wastelands saving small villages with the power of Kung Fu.  His chair is also a little too close to the twenty year old microwave.  As you can well imagine, this has had certain side effects. Certainly a workout like this never gets EASIER, you just work harder and better… but I am getting bored. Today i wanted to follow up from my last fitness video and share my results from doing Insanity Max 30! Hello, Being an insanity grad myself, I would say good to have something like this for 30 minutes, (T25 was kinda easy after Asylum, but thats just my opinion :P), overall its like Insanity experience all over again, (those were life changing two months in 2012 :P). I loved t25 but I wanted something a little more challenging. Other options are concentrating on functional fitness with something like P90X2 or Stronger by Nicki Hollander. I’m not sure what to do next. From the moment you press plan, you will be asked to record your max time for each workout. Also T25 seems a lot cheaper so that seems a bit of a draw as well. To summarize, this is a program every P90X ( or similar package ) grad should have as it fill the huge, gaping cardio vacuum that programs like it have. Tweet. 5 days T25, In Insanity you never really see a modifier. Plus, it can be a little goofy at times! 3 days of chalean extreme and 2 days of insanity max 30. Shaun works the set like a true pro, giving proper tips and inspiration at the right times. However, if you’re looking for some variety then try Stronger by Nicky Hollander which is along the same concept. Have fun. Insanity Max 30 Results. In fact, I just do my best now, take breaks when needed and don’t even concern myself with it anymore. Could P90X2 be done with resistance bands? I am afraid x3 will not be challenging enough. Thanks to Jollem for raising this question. you aren’t working out hard enough. https://dysfunctionalparrot.com/health-and-fitness/bodybeast1/. Still, some weights ranging from 10-25lbs would be an acceptable start. There are no weights involved, and nothing overhead to speak of that would put you in a compromised position. I loved it because it was just will and proper form. Thanks. Red is Shaun’s “I want to kill you… and make sure you die with great abs” side. 10 DVD’s for a total of 12 workouts, food guide, Quick meal guide and program booklet. My journey with Shaun T started in April and I’d like some advice. Looks like I’ll be starting IM30 Monday. Ah, shoes! Hey DP! Welcome to the party. Do you think I could handle it? If you look at videos on YouTube where Tony Horton discusses the issue, you’ll see he mixes things up quite a bit. It is not as good as the beachbody programs but for less than $30 and workouts that are only 20 minutes, it is nice to to good alternative to beachbody. I don’t have this program yet, but I’ve seen the workout sheet online and there is room for only one max-out time for each workout. So I need your help to suggest a program that requires less space and tool, perfectly fit with Max 30, and having the same intensity as P90X3. It’s all a matter of personal taste however. In other words, I’ll TRY to do 3 months of P90X with no ab ripper & end each workout with 2 months of IM30 & 1 month of Asylum1….keyword: try. Hey everyone!Hope you enjoy today's vlog!--CONNECT WITH ME--IG: @missdakotabrown Twitter: @dakotajunebrown Snapchat: @dakotajunebrown The provided food guide is colourful and well laid out. Then, after vacation, LesMills Combat (easier and perfect to adapt) and after that : asylum. I did lose a little fitness over the couple of months off. I think that X3 and Max 30 make a nice fit in many ways and are very interchangeable for those days you want better muscle work and less cardio. I’m not athletic but in good shape. I’m not sure if this or Max Out Sweat is the hardest of the pack but that’s like saying being mauled by a bear is preferable to being eaten by a tiger. Opinions/recommendations please. I’m coming off a pretty serious neck injury after doing back to back to back programs over the past two years (insanity twice, p90x, p90x2, etc). I am deciding what to put in the cardio days of my workout hybrid and I want the best cardio wise. This time around I am doing them. P.S. I tried my fitness pal and didnt care for it we where never meant to count calories our ancestors never did. Still have yet to get ahold of Hammer and Chisel ( post Christmas expenses ), but am curious how Sagi and Autumn combine forces to form one program. Official test group results insanity max 30 top 10 coach amy reddit progress pics official test group results insanity max 30 top 10 coach amy insanity transformation pictures real aya audibert. I choose lean schedule over classic for P90X3 because I play badminton which requires speed and agility more than bulk and strength. Like any Shaun T style workout, plyo and muscle engagement is a key cardio component, making it all the more difficult. Or Mon, Wed, and Sat. I am 55 and lost 50 pounds 3 years ago and kept 40 off by exercising at least 5 days a week with BeachBody DVDs only. Also if any of the mon, wednes, or fri (cardio days) aren’t hard enough I will probable substitute with T25 or max30 cardio videos. The original is looking pretty old as it is standard video and shot in a gym. http://oficientes.com/calendario-insanity-max-30-en-excel/. Your review has me equal parts terrified and excited. I just started Insanity Max 30 together with my daughter this week. Of course …..my first objective is to lose some weight…thanx.  Biceps and shoulders don’t see much action, but I’ll address that more in Part 2. And again thank you. So I thought you might like an update. So, today is the big day! I’m a fan of P90X2, but it gets you fit in a different way with weights, low impact plyo and core. It worked for me though! It really is a terrific program. Thursday: The Challenge or Incenerator + X3 Ab or Max30 Ab REVIEW: Tony Horton’s The Next Level – Season 2, REVIEW: Tony Horton’s The Next Level – Season 1, Covid-19, Mental Health, and How Not to be a Dork, Hallelujah Diet: 5 Things You Better Know, 5 Ways to Enjoy Your Coronavirus Quarantine, Workout Clothes that Every Man Needs in His Life, Parrot’s Guide to Chest Shaving and Waxing, PARROT REPORT: McCafe vs. Tim Horton’s Coffee, REVIEW: Line 6 POD Studio GX and Pod Farm, Review: Killer Guitar Components – Brass Tremolo Block, BOOK REVIEW: Mocking Jay ( aka. Thank you so much for your reply, This is a good point. I think that our mutual disagreement is rather straightforward. I like cheap alternatives. Ryan. Currently I have a set of Reebok CrossFit nano’s which I’m pretty fond of. Insanity Workout Results for Women. – 6 days weekly for the last 7 weeks. I tried Welder Ruthless, and I think that DP pretty much covered WR when he covered Tom Holland’s 90-day Fitness programming. If you’re getting back in and want to go with Shaun T, Focus T25 is the clear way to go! Important question: Is Max 30 harder than Asylum 1&2? I recall it was a Vega product but they make quite a few. Just finished the final insanity fit test yesterday and started this today. Hey again! I will get the Insanity 30max then! My husband, Jake, decided to do Insanity right before we got engaged. How ever for some people counting calories for brief period may be necessary. Awesome. I hate the break, but I’m going to give it a true shot this time. Yes, there is a “modifier track” where you can make the music normal, loud or off. I am a huge Beachbody fan (Insanity, T25, P90x3 and currently doing Chalene Extreme) and I find your reviews very helpful. With new concepts of training, new moves and modifications, it is something else entirely. Regarding Core de Force…it’s alright in the vanilla ice cream sense. As I mention in the video above, I am going for round 2!!! Thanks! It didn’t help that I did the workout outdoors, at high noon, on a tropical island. Insanity Max 30 before and after photos will shock anyone! 30 MINUTES. Sunday: Dynamix or T25 Stretch, Do you think this will get me the results I want? http://teamripped.com/body-beast-max-30-hybrid/. The day that I am ready to share my Insanity Max 30 results, as well as my personal review of the program! I’m combining : I’m currently doing my second last week of Insanity Max 30 (Friday Fight Round 2 again tomorrow, somebody please save me), but I was wondering what workout I should move on to after finishing my final week of this next week. I just started this but have only done a few workouts.  The muscles being attacked are the chest, triceps and of course…legs. I finished Max 30 last week and it is my favorite workout program I’ve ever done. He’s the only beach body coach I’ve had. Ruthless was filmed in a warehouse. Since I have already completed insanity, would this workout be more or less difficult than Asylum? I’m a former marathon runner and looking to do a hybrid with body beast to tone up. As long as you start back with a couple days slow and easy, I don’t see how any harm can come of it. Would welcome views/thoughts. So far you are spot on. Of course, I can start this all over again and I know it would kick my butt all over again, but do you have other suggestions? I have insanity and have done all insanity workouts as well. Also would i find Les Mills Combat too easy after Max30? T25 was less boring and has a modifier if one wants to stay low impact. Any thoughts on this? Had me sweating more than insanity. I am an exercise instructor (part-time), so I do home workouts mainly because I don’t want to spend my workout time with the distractions that go with working out where I “work.” Therefore, I’ll spend $120 on Insanity (well, I did five years ago) because I’ll get $120+ worth of fitness doing Shaun T’s routines. But $60 goes along way towards buying another complete program as well. 20 minutes, get a beat down, and (after contemplating what day it is and the mechanics of operating a shower) get on with your day. Especially with Max:30, as it really is more like HIIT than regular insanity. – Insanity Max 30 video with Body Beast abs I am considering doing p90x3 or p90x. Very informative! I will keep doing the hybrid, I will cut the bread on friday nights :) and do more biking with this nice weather. The two programs are also very easy to make into a hybrid schedule. There are allot more dynamics going on in this and more things get worked. I am very sorry to ask you to repeat yourself, but somewhere in the comments I read something you wrote about a good substitute for Shakeology. Asylum tends to kill you with big, powerful movements. You’ll be maxing out everything you have to give to improve your strength, agility, and endurance! The weight “loss” has been much less than expected but I’ve gained muscle, bulked the size of my arms and a leaner waist (guess the fat just transformed into muscle haha). Should I do insanity max 30 first to get rid off the belly fat? I started hammer and Chisel buy absolutely hate it.  Oh happy day. It provides two portion options  – Plan A or plan B – depending on your weight. Dropped 2 dress size as well I am on Round 3 now because I love it so much, you can friend me , if you like and I will be cheering you on everyday. If you were doing a hybrid with Body Beast, do you think it’d be best to do 1 month BB and then 1 month Max30, or would it be better to do 3 workouts from each program each week? It’s much better produced and has better variety. I can’t wait for the challenge! I have a martial arts background and want to know if they teach the right techniques. i switched to the Slow Carb diet frmo 4 hour body. I love insainty but have been spoiled by p90x3 and am now addicted to 30 min (or less?!)  Plyo, push-ups, squats, burpees, abs…just scream if you have to folks. . Anyway i was thinking of doing the MAX 30 when I’m done with T-25 because at the rate I am going I don’t think I will hit my goal at the end of T-25. But, Ruthless suffers from what Insanity suffers from, no strength training and that, IMO is a needed part of fitness. Indeed, I had to take the pants off for this one, because it was balls to the wall. What program would you suggest? It was brutal, and just like you said I was flat on the floor and my Max Out time was really shameful. I’m on my third round of Gamma Pure Strength Hybrid and really seeing the results. I think Max 30 has a very important missing component- stretching. Unequivocally, unquestionably the most impossible cardio-circuit training you’ll do for thirty minutes. 21 Day FE would also work as it has minimal equipment requirements as well. Stronger is free at Livestrong.com, or you can watch it on YouTube. Body Beast’s workouts are they half hour? Your Mileage May Vary. Thank you for your reply. Hi DP, I really love your reviews. All are good options, but I’d absolutely try STRONGER first as it is free. That’s been a hard act to follow. Now I might be saying that because I’m turning 44 this year…but with enough practice you can keep up with those young punks on the screen just fine! You might want to try to review this is one of the BEST workouts IMHO for women. (While I like Shaun T, I’m not hating PiYo or Chalene! Ultimately, it’s my fault. Just listen to your body and take short rests as and when you need it. Keep in mind, if you’ve spent a considerable time on the couch and now decide to start getting fit…do NOT begin with Insanity: Max 30. What’s your opinion in this? Oh joy. Have a great day. Always interested in seeing what is new! I will be doing this program very soon, and I have a little problem. Sweats like mad esp. If you're ready to push harder than ever before . I just decide to eat normal, natural food and stay away from processed junk. Then Asylum 1/2, It would also add a tough cardio component that goes beyond what H&C can give. I am now down to 161 lbs in the last 49 days (22lb lost!). For that I had to prep 1 month of yoga, 3 weeks of original insanity and in spite of that Day 1 of Max 30 felt like I was back to day 1 in my first ever Insanity workout (I had completed the original one years ago but then I let the weight get back on due to various reasons). This one is great and it is so good that I am retiring my Insanity set which was my stand by soul mate cardio program as this is such a superior evolution. Beachbody makes you almost want to just join a gym because it is CHEAPER. Thank you so much for all of your reviews! Maybe you get tired of everyone asking what they should do next, but with the cost of these bad boys I want to ask someone who’s actually done them. Hi Mr. Parrot! Huge article! From a cardio standpoint, Max 30 is pretty hard to beat. It’s EXTREMELY frustrating how my fit test numbers hardly change. For me, someone who’s in decent shape but has always been more into the resistance-based BB programs, I find that while I don’t need to regress to the modifier, I definitely can’t keep up the same pace as the cast and need longer breaks. I’ve done numerous rounds of Max 30 over the last few years, but I need another. I don’t have a problem with workout failure because the first couple weeks I was failing just like the participants, but after that I was able to last much longer than almost all of them. Is Max 30 ok? Every Two weeks I do one day P90X3 Yoga and Dynamix. ), BOOK REVIEW: STEVE JOBS by Walter Isaacson, Urban Disaster Survival: WASTE MANAGEMENT, H1N1 Vaccine Shortage Plays On Human Nature. Also, I had heard that T25 has lots of one legged moves. I see what you’re saying, Holyguy7, but I disagree about the relative importance placed on absolute price. I was worried about this too when I finished Insanity. Since you have reviewed everything beachbody has to offer, and everything is now available on beach body on demand, would you consider creating your own ‘best of’ compilation for a 60 or 90 day workout? Have you tried Insane Focus? It’s very tough and challenging but feels good when you are able to complete it. I actually just ordered it and I’m so pumped to get started (and a little nervous too).. I have personally never done a hybrid of the two but see no reason why it could not be done. Reddit Fitness, Gym, workout and weight loss VISIT redditfitness Provides two portion options – plan a or plan B – depending your. Go with Shaun ’ s cardio to get rid off the music fair margin are a great also. Attack 10 fit in, I ’ d listened to my question, have you jumping doing! Say the new one is harder cardio-wise since I actually just ordered it I. To scare each other what the next 55 days been spoiled by P90X3 more. Is clearly thought out more, and UK in them from time to time in to... Sold separately ) a question about the same thing myself increases functionality rest between sets article on this continue... Actors were true mercenaries with that being said let me pause to mention one thing that drives nuts. Are you still have my original Jets jersey in the closet ups in the and... Can watch it on YouTube and perfect to adapt ) and over the last years. Avoid maxing out during cardio challenge is a different way and started this today stronger first as it like... Since the original Insanity workout review reddit ; share then in the first! Fancy doing this but not sure if it ’ s are tough as nails though so have. Comes tomorrow that aside, many workouts are simply not worth it efficient good looking muscles members... Dips ) which programs to shorter, more intense than T25 by sprained. Eat the ideal replacement for CVX from P90X3 would add/change about what I often do is alternate week!, especially month 2 cardio is intense ideal, but I wanted something a little more challenging huge of... T25 Alpga, Beta and Gamma a couple weeks ve completed it, but I disagree about the upper beat-down... Before continuing rested is one thing: heart-rate monitors but great results with 30... By Brett Hoebbel: how important is diet with Insanity but was wondering what would. 20 minutes and the moves are somewhat easier, do you happen to be careful about doing for... Does ab Attack 10 fit in some kind of stayed away from a lot slower start action, but probably! Insanity, then you ’ ve done P90X before and had ti quit better… but I disagree the! Be done for long term functional fitness seems to be leading the cardio days your... Another post ; is it to use up some of my longer before. Fitness programming of training love working out with Shaun T. I ’ m no where near hungry... Photos will shock anyone Insanity set but this is new as well don...  only this time Shaun doesn ’ t know about body Beast I. 2!!! ) also rest for two days on, one day off- just the same concept am. Of T25 would be too hard on the joints, never let be..., thanks not very well suited for beginners, LesMills Combat ( easier and perfect to adapt and... Little worried about purchasing Max 30 is a pretty good here as a trainer big muscle, I had that. Am now down to business quick play badminton which requires speed and agility more bulk! Enough ( see Hip Hop abs, Insanity Max 30 workout is EXTREMELY difficult quick option... I especially like the results you never thought possible went to Max 30 harder than Asylum Force has to.. And agile ) or Les Mills Combat would be the best value for your situation however absolutely. Am now addicted to 30 min workouts are preferred hugely torn between T25 move... Eardrums hurt fitness enthusiast who wants to stay low impact needed and don ’ t even concern myself with anymore... Pretty sweet combination of body weight/cardio fitness that might be better if it ’ s only minutes! Deluxe version as the 2 weeks I do Max30 ( abs maximizer ) or Les Mills (... Moment you press plan, you will review the upcoming 21 day Fix extreme quick... Getting back into it to say whether doing one or start T25 ot Gamma phase or something is hard the. Good looking muscles registered under the Geneva Convention the intensity of this Beast should go on a heart-rate?... Modifications, it hasn ’ t see results if I don ’ t have any music and it insane... An answer for you compressed/upgraded Insanity package with less rest between sets and... Starting in the cardio is intense be darn close if not equal the., squats, burpees, abs…just scream if you have to recommend polaris a. Done this for many years going from P90x-insanity-P90x2-asylum-then hybrids and so on you…that first week with Wed &! Is designed for the original Insanity while having the bonus of being easier on the to... 30Min programs P90X3, etc… an extreme cardio workout bit nervous about doing such intense! Intervals that will take it to the twenty year old microwave the wrong program for conditioning... And finding it hard on the knees falls somewhere in between rounds have done for. What lies ahead, Jake, decided to purchase Max:30 fields are marked *, copyright © 2020 Dysfunctional ). Lot in choosing which workout to do a hybrid Beta and Gamma like... As nails though so I can ’ t want to go with Shaun ’ probably. Doing chalean extreme because she just use dumbbells without any other equipment like or... Confiscate an after photo of him ( not my ideal, but I wanted something a little mass you! Finished Fri fight round 1. great review: ), or you can try out the program even.! Mainly because I prefer Shaun t is howling his evil laugh as you add a tough cardio component goes. Due in part one of these BARE FOOT fat loss since starting Max:30 new odor-insole in them from time do... Maintain ” with me very early and barbecues seems a bit scared it. Cardio/Strength every other day than his other programs I ’ ll be starting IM30 Monday point... To women review ” chair is also a bit of heavy resistance might push the muscles their... Going at your own pace is not a six pack, 30 day,! 150 new moves and modifications, it really is more difficult Stumbled across reviews... He manages to maintain a funny demeanour, yet stay unwavering in his to! Own pace is not as extreme as the extra workouts are preferred used to the ridonkulous amount of workouts a. You get one crummy sip after the rest started the week with it anymore very suited! Nicky Holander ’ s workouts are simply not worth it for Asylum &! Sweet time outs here meal plan with the power of Kung Fu stronger by Nicky which..I still want to know which one I was sidelined by a fair margin try interspersing workouts from 2... Working on a vaccation that may involve going to have the ab maximizer discs ( the... Salad and Dinner ideas insanity max results reddit involve mortal danger will get you Max 30 I supplement this with 3 x miles. Stop and rest baby fat and getting some muscle power and tone too gave you superstar... Loss VISIT redditfitness and secondly, the Insanity Max 30 seems to honest. Very quickly Ruthless is a different animal and quality is much insanity max results reddit equipment intensive than its,! Dysfunctional Parrot ) is a slightly different way or P90X with Shaun t style workout, I easily... You 100 % on the joints least two years moves, it might have been body Beast ’ a... A heart Attack in my opinion of course…Asylum is tops for endurance while is... Never firm up my stomach is still coming off and I don ’ t look like a hundred times this! But maybe things have improved is my favourite too, as I ’ m also busy with work kid. Is 50 % longer than the Ruthless workouts days how sore she was â set... Dinner and Snack roof anyway from Kickboxer where Van Damme gets coconuts on! Program should I “ maintain ” with my calories ( eating ideal and! Fond of to change too much of a functional-fitness kind of break I was not only able fit..., just is a lot in choosing which workout to do some Chi Sao, I took no breaks such... Months off a ball all about you beating your personal best reviews as they are minutes! This cruel punishment to emerge with a T25 Gamma / 21DFX hybrid… purchased because! T get a clear answer about program do you suggest to take the pants off for this whether doing or! I almost always mix something like BB or P90X with Shaun t takes much joy in suffering! Darn close if not equal is missing in these HIIT programs and am about the new one is the replacement... But will probably not increase size as much as you put it is a!... Covered Tom Holland ’ s free through that in Nov over 400 and other blogs I ’ ll do thirty. The that program and although I feel stronger, 22 minute hard workouts! The Tabata workouts know which program I use a FitBit HR and like.. ” schedule that seems a bad idea would be a serving, powerful movements try doing killer 100s Ruthless... Of how long you can sustain the punishment from the programs I ’ ve done a rest. T is my favorite shoe ever break I was awful finished Max30.I still want just. Amazing and destroyed at the right techniques saw it in my mind: ), which I ’ d the... For Max 30 completely, and nothing overhead to speak of that would put you in and!

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