Calibrating Your Spreader. Gardena Hand Spreader Ideal for spreading of repellent, bird seed, and fertilizer.The unique dosage system makes it possible and can be set from coarse to fine depending on the spreading materials Bayonet lock for simple filling Recessed grip on two sides Container capacity: approx 2.9lbs From Conrad UK. Set aperture to 0 and fill on a level surface – not on a lawn or cultivated area. It is recommended that a lower setting is first tried to avoid the risk of over-dosing, Always complete calibration check before first use and before use each season, Always ensure the spreader is cleaned thoroughly after use to avoid deterioration of the spreading mechanism. 800 m2. The spreading disc distributes the spreading material completely evenly and cleanly. The open and closing mechanism is operated simply on the handle, allowing the spreader to be used just where you want it. The quantity setting for the spreading material is adjusted directly on the ergonomically designed handle. The open/close function released on the handle makes the GARDENA Spreaders easy to use and prevents accidental leakage of spreading material. Quick simple advice on how to properly use a lawn spreader for a stronger more even lawn, and how to take care of your spreader after use. Home. Compared to a drop or broadcast spreader that you push across the yard, a handheld type is lightweight, inexpensive, and simple to use. Simply select the required distribution and flow rate settings on the handle, push the button and then watch it do the work for you. ft. (33 ft x 33 ft)]. Questions & Answers about Gardena Hand Spreader M. ... Save settings OK - … Always read instructions before use. For 100 g/m²) use: 8. Required settings will vary depending on the speed one walks and the condition of the spreader. Application rate can vary depending on walking speed and handle turning speed. Ergonomics crank-handle Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. For even distribution of spreading material on large areas, Recommended for lawn areas up to approx. For 150 (g/m²) use: 9 x 6 passes. For 150 (g/m²) use: 5 x 12 passes. Sundries. View and Download Gardena Spreader L operating instructions manual online. With this handy hand spreader, you can scatter seeds, fertilise, spread granules or road salt quickly, easily and evenly. GARDENA hand spreader M: spreader for simple spreading fertilizer, seeds and salt with a range 1-4 m, m² for lawn to about 100, 4-stage quantity setting (431-20) Brand: Gardena 4.5 out of 5 … 100 Day Returns for your unused order* Free Delivery on orders over £25* Pay with. Multiply the weight of the bag by this number 3. The quantity setting for the spreading material is adjusted directly on the ergonomically designed handle. Ergonomics crank-handle 1 3 3 2 6 4 1 5 2 6 4 1 5 Instructions 3 Assembly • Push bar - Fit the push rods into the spreader tank (Fig. At Westland, we have created The Gro-Sure Lawn Seed Promise. With spreading table for standard fertilizers. Taking the time to put together your own list of spreader settings ensures even and correct coverage when you apply fertilizers, seed, or granular herbicides and pesticides to your lawn. … Please refer to product pack for application dates. The open and closing mechanism is operated with a thumb pushbutton, allowing the spreader to be used just where your lawn needs the spreading material. Divide 100 by the square foot the bag of fertilizer covers 2. The GARDENA Spreaders are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and break-proof plastic. The spreading disk distributes the spreading material perfectly evenly and cleanly. 5: GARDENA Kleinstreuer S: Grit container and hand spreader for sand, salt and grit Place this amount in the spreader 5. Set aperture to 0 and fill on a level surface – not on a lawn or cultivated area. Products featured in this video Products featured in this video . Also, the setting of the quantity of spreading material is ergonomic as it is done in upright, standing position. For 100 (g/m²) use: 31 x 2 passes. GARDENA 00431-20 Handheld gritter Spread (range) 100 up to 400 cm 1.80 l Measure area to treat and weigh out correct amount of product. R 665.20 R 700.20-5%. The Gardena Spreader XL is an excellent choice for treating large areas with seed, fertiliser, or even road salt.